Tadpole's Pond

Explore, learn and survive, but be cautious, lest you become food. Tadpole’s Pond is a 2D adventure-survival game (all directions), where you explore a beautiful but deadly pond as a tadpole in your quest of surviving and growing up.


As a tadpole, you must go out into the world and start eating, so you can start your metamorphosis. Once you fill up your food bar, go back to the turtle shell and go to the save leaf to go to sleep. Try to survive by hiding from bigger predators and grow up by consuming smaller prey.  

This is a game that is still in the prototyping phase, so there will be bugs and a whole lot of unfinished content. 


WASD or  ↑  ←  ↓  →   keys to move

Left Shift or Left Mouse click to shoot bubbles 

Esc to pause

Go into Logs to hide from predators

Bubbles can stun enemies for 2 seconds but there is a 2 second cooldown


Producer: Phuc H. Le

Designer/Artist: Jennifer Guo

Programmer: Hoai An Nguyen

Programmer: Jaesung Yoo

Music by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

Sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorspareot, maroonkurimaroon, Jaded, yoosung3
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Singleplayer


pc build.zip 51 MB


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The level in this game is beautiful, I applaud the great work. The gameplay, which I enjoy as well, is fun and calming. I hope to see more updates.

Great game so far, love the art so far. Keep up the great work.